Book Design

We have developed attractive template designs in several sizes, which you can choose as is or with modifications.

A properly designed book is visually attractive and logical, and it respects and enhances the subject matter. Book design includes font styles and sizes for text, chapter titles, subtitles, and subsections, pull-quotes, excerpts, poems, transcribed letters; proportion and placement of white space; page numbers, and more. If you want a custom design, just ask.

After you approve the design elements, we format your book, flowing your text into a professional book-publishing application (we currently use InDesign) and inserting each image, caption, genealogy chart, custom map, and so on in the place you indicate. If you want us to decide the placement of your images, just ask.

Once your manuscript starts to look like a real book, trimmed and tape-bound, you are likely to want to make some changes. We make the alterations you want, even after it has been formatted.

Image Processing

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but family photographs are priceless. You will want your photos included in your memoir, whether in black and white or in color. You can have your memoir brimming with life and visual memories, with a little help from us.

We carefully take your handwritten letters; your torn, dusty, and faded photographs; your shadowy, underexposed vacation photos; and even your newer digital photographs and make them as dazzling as they deserve to be. 

Genealogy Charts

We love to transform your complicated family trees or disorganized information into attractive, user-friendly genealogy charts that fit into the front or back of your book. We've got it down to a science, and many of our clients find their customized charts easy to read and greatly valued by family members.