Frequently Asked Questions

Should I self-publish?
We think your memoir is invaluable as a life review, a legacy, an honoring, a witnessing, a teaching... but probably not as a commodity. Yes, you should self-publish it!

What makes Modern Memoirs different from other memoir services and/or self-publishing services?
With more than 25 years in the business, we've got the best of both worlds: the experience and skill set that can be found in some of the large self-publishing companies, and the personal service that is the hallmark of small self-publishing companies. We bring you high-quality writing and editing, tasteful design, and sensitivity to your needs. We work efficiently and communicate clearly. We work closely with you, whatever stage of the process you are in, to bring your memoir into being, exactly the way you want it.

How much time will it take?
An assisted memoir often takes three or four months. A commissioned memoir often takes a year. While we schedule our projects and focus on getting the book into your hands in a smooth and timely fashion, much depends your schedule and turnaround time of the review galleys. We are always flexible!

What does Modern Memoirs need from me to get started?
For an assisted memoir, we need a sample of your manuscript (Word doc) and a few other details. For a commissioned memoir, we need some background about your life history so that we can educate ourselves before the interviews. Call us or get an estimate to get started.

I just want my memoir for my family, friends, and maybe some organizations. Is that OK?
Yes! Most of our clients are just like you.

How many books do most people want?
Most people order between 25 and 400 books.

Can I visit your office?
Yes! Please contact us to schedule your visit to Amherst in beautiful Western Massachusetts.

Can I use Skype or FaceTime to meet?
Yes! Let's make an appointment.

Do you offer references?
Absolutely! We love connecting new and former clients.


If you still have any questions that we haven't answered, feel free to contact us and ask away.