Grandbooks for Young Readers

Modern Memoirs President Megan St. Marie is an award-winning, published children’s book author and scholar under her maiden name, Megan Dowd Lambert. She is excited to bring her expertise in this field to her work with Modern Memoirs clients who wish to create books about personal and family history for the children in their lives.

Perhaps you have stories from your childhood that you’d like to pass down to grandchildren or great-grandchildren. Maybe there are stories, songs, or rhymes you’ve made up to share with children over the years. Or, you may be inspired to acquaint today’s children with people from the past who left their mark on you in your younger years. Whatever prompts you to try your hand at creating a book for the young people in your life, Megan will work with your original text, or she will help you craft a text based on interviews to produce a book for young readers. For additional fees, Modern Memoirs can also commission artists to produce spot illustrations, cover art, or other art that will provide additional visual interest.

This is a new venture for our company, so estimates will be generated on a case-by-case basis based on our regular fee schedule and encompassing your vision for your children’s book.