Editing a memoir is substantially different from editing any other kind of text and requires sincere sensitivity to your experiences, circumstances, and feelings. We respect the voice of the writer/narrator and train our editors in the authentic Modern Memoirs' style, called "Sensitive Editing for Ruthless Editors." This requires a hands-off approach, meticulous focus, and consistency. It requires attention to nuance. It might even require discussion of family matters. You need to feel comfortable with and have confidence in the individuals who work on your memoir. You maintain editorial control.

We provide full editorial services for both assisted and commissioned memoirs. This includes light, medium, or heavy editing; light fact-checking and research; text, titles, subtitles, captions, and covers/dustjackets. We create a custom styleguide and custom dictionary for you so that we can adhere to your grammatical and spelling preferences. If you choose to forego editing and want only design/format, print/bind services, we can do that.