Here’s a constantly evolving list of superlatives we have come up with for Modern Memoirs’ books and clients.

Longest book
1,566 pages
Looking Back to the Future, Volumes 1 and 2 by Dennis Rezendes

Shortest book
40 pages
Beauty and Blessing: Art and Poetry Inspired by the Jewish Year by June Shatken and Tamar Stern

Funniest title
I Dunno by Bob Dunsirn
There’s a Book in Here Somewhere by Steve Bernstein
Path to Prozac by Louise Foster

Longest title
The History of William and Ann Fenton and Their Descendants: A Scots–Irish Family in 18th-Century New England by Chester G. Fenton

Most pictures
332 images
According to Charlie: A Modest Odyssey by Charles Burlingham, Jr.

Most curious title
Is Today Monday? by Nina Wood
Kiddushin, or Toaster Oven Fire by Eliza Gouverneur

Most poetic title
Unredeemable Time by Virginia Cabot Wood. A reference to T. S. Eliot’s poem “Burnt Norton”

Oldest relative in genealogy chart
Ronald Carr’s grandmother, 103 years old (1878–1981). She had 19 children between 1895 and 1920 with the same husband.

Oldest former client
John M. Maki, at 96, lived to see publication of his memoir Voyage Through the Twentieth Century.

Oldest current client, with most books completed
Russell B. Newton, Jr., age 96, has produced six books with us. He is currently working on his next volume.

Biggest book (dimensions)
10 x 11 inches
Mostly Paris by Stephen G. Rostand

Smallest book (dimensions)
5 x 7 inches
Memories of the Spanish Civil War by Carlos Sanz

Longest appendix
70 pages of colorful photos, articles, poems, letters!
The Memoirs of Frank A. McBride, Production and Commentary by Timothy B. McBride

Fastest book project completed
2 months (Feb–Apr 2016)
The Reality of Hunter-Gatherers by James A. Heffernan

Slowest book project, completed
11 years (2006–2017)
The Workman Brothers: A Westward Epic by David A. Workman

Brightest book cover
Sue’s Story by Sue H. Fuller. Dustjacket and cover material are red, to match her Volvo.

Most interesting cover design
The Hill: letting go of it by Kitty Axelson-Berry, cover design by Vinsula Hastings

Cutest family nickname
Virginia “Chris” Wood. Given the same name as her mother but born on Christmas day, her nickname was “Chris” all her life.

Our favorite expressions
“Daddy was parsimonious…tight as the bark on a tree.” —Keith Cobb

“I was a ‘grass widow’ living in Palm Beach….” —Louise Foster

“My father used to disparage his heritage by saying, ‘My ancestors came over on the Cauliflower.’”—Charles Burlingham, Jr.

Most punctual author
Bob Holliker promised he’d send his manuscript to us by his birthday, and he emailed it to us on that date.

Most extensive research on author’s part
Four Connor Generations in South Carolina, 1790–1920 by Joyce Bowden. In this genealogical wonder, Joyce includes 62 footnotes, 685 endnotes, a 16-page source list, a 46-page index, and 67 photos and custom-designed maps.

Most extensive research on Modern Memoirs’ part
Kaddishel: A Life Reborn by Aharon Golub with Bennett W. Golub

Most author alterations (revisions) to text
Under the Same Roof: My Life as the Son of Holocaust Resisters by Mark H. Kinn