Printing and Binding

We spell out the printing/binding choices for you and help you choose according to your wishes and budget. Book manufacture can be confusing if you aren't familiar with the jargon. Each printshop/bindery offers ever-changing options that depend on its machinery and suppliers. We work with professionals who have proven themselves to us by their high-quality products and attentive communications, and who offer a variety of print/bind technologies, as well as an array of sizes, materials, quantities, and costs.

Just a few of the myriad variables that affect the quality of printed books are: digital print vs. offset print; “perfect bind” vs. sewn binding; black vs. color ink; type of interior and exterior papers; short-run vs. long-run orders. We specialize in details that lend a distinctive flair to your book, such as custom foil stamping, matte laminated dustjackets, marbled endsheets, and ribbon markers.

Print On Demand (POD)

Some clients want their books to be available online, and we can make the Print-On-Demand process easy for the layperson to navigate. We ourselves do not market, distribute, or sell books, but we work with an affiliate who offers POD services in addition to printing softcover books. This means readers can buy your book online and you receive royalties. For an average of $1,000 we create a personal account for you while the POD outfit handles printing, distribution, and sales. For an additional fee, they will place the book on Amazon and other online book retailers as well as their own website. There is also an option for eBook conversion and sales.

Modern Memoirs makes this entire complex process easy by first creating your account, setting up your custom webpage (book cover, summary, author bio, pricing, genre, “metadata” keywords, etc.), and overseeing the initial minimum order of 25 softcover books and/or eBook. When you receive your books, your personal webpage goes “live,” and we transfer the account to you to handle the marketing and sales. They provide free and for-fee marketing tools. Customers order directly through the website. You receive royalties starting at around 20% depending on your book price, which you control.