White Poppy Press (WPP) is a Modern Memoirs imprint. We provide the same high-quality services of editing, design, printing and binding but usually in an abbreviated fashion and with more economical materials. We launched WPP in 2010 because a) there was a recession, and b) advances in digital print technology brought us clients with more modest but excellent standards. White Poppy Press allows us to help writers and artists self-publish efficiently, affordably, and attractively.

You might want to know the derivation of the name. Fact-checking the blood-red poppies of Flanders Fields (World War I) for a client’s book, we came upon an organization called "White Poppies for Peace," which resonated deeply with us.

By helping you with the final stages of your opus, by honoring your experiences and reflections, we feel we are contributing in a small way to you, to your family, and to healing the world.