As-Told-To and Assisted Memoirs

We handle two types of book projects: clients who want us to interview them for the text of their memoir (aka commissioned or as-told-to memoir) and clients who have already written their memoir and simply want us to help them with the next steps (an assisted memoir).

Commissioned or as-told-to memoir:  We interview you, transcribe the interviews, distill text from the interviews, and edit for readability and clarity. We maintain your voice and edit sensitively so that your memoir reads well, provides the information you want, yet reflects you in a completely authentic way. Authenticity is important to us and we do not embellish or reduce your stories. Family members often say that their relative's commissioned memoir "sounds" just like him or her.

Assisted memoir:  You send us your written manuscript, and we edit at the level you wish, always maintaining the authenticity of the author's voice.

For both types of memoirs, we then proceed to the next step, design and formatting.

We work closely with you at all stages of production, from editing to printing. The galleys flow back and forth between us until the files go to print. We want you to feel satisfied and safe in the knowledge that the all-important corrections have been made, whether it is the name of an aunt, the acknowledgment of a valued employee, or your grandson's birthday.

When you are ready, we design and format your book, adding your photographs, captions, and supplementary materials; e.g., genealogy charts, documents, letters, translated materials, and custom maps.

Then we educate you about optimal printing and binding options for your needs. We work hard to narrow down the dizzying array of variables in print/bind technologies, materials for the cover stock and interior papers, and costs. Once you make a decision, your books are printed and bound to your specifications and delivered to your doorstep.

You are unique and so is your memoir.